About Us

Favito International Ltd is a Canadian marketing company which is the sole partner of the famous Pizza Factory, Vancouver, Canada for distributing its franchise globally under the brand “Favito”.

The team of Favito International Ltd is well qualified and trained along with a rich experience in the food industry, all of which is used to provide the most professional insight in to marketing and all spheres of technical support.

Besides the above mentioned positive traits, our team also holds in depth understanding of the global market and the international food and beverage business, thus making Favito International Ltd. a company that delivers quality product and services at the global level.

Favito International Ltd is fortunate to have very strong leadership that is focused on expanding our frontiers and continuous betterment. One of our Directors has a long experience in the food and beverage business and has travelled around the world along with our senior management to explore the latest trends in the food sector and the possibilities and benefits of marketing the products under Favito Brand.

Our business team helps us to make sure that our clients must know how to establish the products of Favito International Ltd. in the market and take their decisions in the right direction. We conduct training programs for our franchisees and clients so they can develop a greater understanding of legal and ethical business practices.

Favito International Ltd has grown over the years and continues to find new ways to provide quality products to all customers with the belief that every family deserves to bring the finest and delicious Favito Products to their table. Our motto lies in best quality products prepared under the most hygienic conditions and served with delicacy.

Our History

Founded by Sam Sanghera, the first Pizza Factory franchise store was opened in 1984 in Coquitlam B.C. Now Pizza Factory franchise owners enjoy success from various parts of B.C. Now, years later, nearly all the Pizza Factory locations are being operated by experienced families which helps to also make Pizza Factory a leader in excellent customer service. We respect and support middle class families, therefore our prices are also the most competitive in the pizza industry across BC.

The Pizza Factory Difference

The difference is not only in our tasty dough and sauce but also our fresh and top quality ingredients. Unlike many other big chains, we never use frozen crust, but in-fact all the dough is prepared by hand daily at all locations. Our pizza is prepared from scratch just like you would prepare it at home. We only use quality ingredients such as 100% Mozzarella Cheese, high quality Saputo products, and high quality tomato sauce. Not to mention that our produce is always fresh and high grade.

Our Manufacturing Team

Mr. Sam

Director operation

Mr. Antoni (Tony)

Manufacturing in charge

Mr. Farhad

Manufacturing supervisor